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~ Art Detective: Fire! Fire!

This series is designed to give bite-sized insights into the world of Art History, bringing one image to life through discussion with experts. History is never far from view, so each image will be expanded to sit within the cultural and historical context that produced it. Enrico Baj was an Italian artist and writer on art. Many of his works show an obsession with nuclear war. He created prints, sculptures but especially collage. He was close to the surrealist and dada movements, and was later associated with CoBrA. As an author he has been described as a leading promoter of the avant-garde. He worked with Umberto Eco among other collaborators. He had a long interest in the pseudo-philosophy 'pataphysics. Ricky Martin is an artist, director, and animator. His is Creative Director at Aardman Animation and presents the popular children's' TV show 'Art Ninja' on CBBC.

 Read more Read less Duration: 31 min