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Operation Thunderball: The Entebbe Raid

June 1976. Air France flight 139 bound from Tel Aviv to Paris is hijacked by a group of Palestinian and German terrorists and flown to Entebbe, Uganda. On board are 226 passengers and crew - more than half of them Israeli citizens. What unfolds over the next seventy-two hours is the largest, most complex, and amazing hostage rescue operation in history. It’s also a story that few really know. The exact operational detail behind the Israelis’ Entebbe hostage rescue mission has never been revealed on film or TV. Even the internal IDF report on Operation Thunderbolt was not completed until 2004. No one organisation or person knew the full story. This is about to change. Accessing the key personnel in the mission, including the commandos, pilots, strategists and covert intelligence gatherers that made the seemingly impossible happen, Assault and Rescue takes viewers inside the situation rooms, assault staging areas, and deadly firefights.

 Read more Read less Duration: 46 min