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Remembering Jaywick

This is the remarkable story of a daring attack by 14 British and Australian commandos on Japanese ships anchored in Singapore harbour. Operation Jaywick was one of the most daring and celebrated special operations undertaken in World War II. The Singapore raid was conceived by a British Army officer, Major Ivan Lyon. He had escaped from Singapore when it fell to the Japanese in February 1942 and knew the waters to its south. A former Japanese fishing vessel, renamed the Krait, which had been captured off Singapore in December 1941 and sent to Australia, was secured to transport the raiding party to Singapore. The plan was to sail the Krait to an island off Singapore and then three teams of two men would paddle two-man canoes into Keppel Harbour, Singapore, and attach limpet mines to Japanese ships. The plan was audacious and the chances of failure high.In this documentary six men, including ex England rugby professional James Forrester, will re-enact the mission to discover the true feat of Operation Jaywick.

 Read more Read less Duration: 40 min