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Operation Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler

On 20 July 1944 a clique of German officers initiated the most famous plot to kill Adolf Hitler: Operation Valkyrie. Orchestrated by General Olbricht, Major General von Tresckow and Claus von Stauffenberg, three German military officers long-disillusioned with the Nazi regime, the plot attempted to bring an end to the war and free the German soldiers from their oath of loyalty to the Führer. This was not the first attempted-assassination of Hitler, but of all the attempts this one was the closest to succeeding. The conspirators’ original plan was to kill Hitler, Himmler and Goering – the three most senior members of the Nazi regime – when they were expected to be at a very important meeting at the Wolf’s Lair on July 20 1944. They hoped to kill these three members with two timed explosives, hidden inside Stauffenberg’s briefcase. It was a brilliant well-detailed plan. Yet a series of unexpected external problems, that neither Stauffenberg nor his co-conspirators could have foreseen, meant that things did not prove as straightforward as they had first hoped. Operation Valkyrie, The Plot to Kill Hitler, was produced in collaboration with the official German Foundation dedicated to the memory of the conspirators. It features testimonials and eyewitness accounts from all of the aristocratic families involved in the plot, including the last living conspirator to escape Hitler’s wrath, and Maria Countess von Stauffenberg who knew Claus all her life. The film also features leading scholars and historians on the conspiracy such as Prof. Peter Hoffmann, author of the biography “Stauffenberg”, and Prof. Ian Kershaw, renowned World War Two scholar and BBC consultant. Operation Valkyrie: The Plot To Kill Hitler is illustrated with rare footage of Hitler’s inner circle, including colour home movies shot by Hitler’s lover Eva Braun, as well as a painstakingly researched dramatisation of the actual assassination attempt, and a detailed CG reconstruction of Wolfschanze or “Wolf’s Lair”, Hitler’s military headquarters near Rastenburg, where the assassination attempt took place.

 Read more Read less Duration: 48 min