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Sean Bean on Waterloo - Part Two

Waterloo – one of the most significant battles in British history. To this day reminders of this climactic clash remain visible throughout Britain; train stations, streets, schools and many other structures are named after this famous battle. Waterloo’s legendary reputation in the British psyche is well-deserved, as its result shaped the map of Europe for over a century. Dutch, Germans, Prussians, English, Scots, Welsh and Irish – all would fight on the same side at Waterloo as they aimed to sound the death knell of France’s legendary commander: Napoleon Bonaparte. In the early afternoon of 18 June 1815, the Battle of Waterloo was well-underway. Having occupied a strong defensive position Arthur Wellesley, better known as the Duke of Wellington, and his British led international army have heroically defended their position from Napoleon’s formidable force for hours. Yet the battle was far-from over. Blucher was still nowhere in sight; Napoleon still had time to defeat his British opponent. As the exceptionally-bloody battle raged on, it would be marked by remarkable feats of bravery on either side. Artillery, rifles, muskets and pistols would create a haze of smoke across the battlefield, while many vicious melee fights would also occur as both sides attempted to gain control of vital strategic locations – bayonet vs bayonet. This is the story behind one of Britain’s bloodiest battles: the Battle of Waterloo. In this two-part documentary, Hollywood star Sean Bean (Sharpe series, Goldeneye, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Troy and many more) explores what it was like to have been a soldier on the field of battle at Waterloo on 18 June 1815. Using eyewitness accounts, experience a ground-level view of the battle that changed history – a view of the battle that the real Richard Sharpe would have witnessed.

 Read more Read less Duration: 44 min