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1421: The Year China Discovered America? - Part Two

Although a few years old, this extraordinary film follows a former British naval officer whose amateur passion for history was inspired by his own circumnavigations of the globe with the Royal Navy. Starting with records from Portugal, he was convinced that somebody had formulated maps of the Americas BEFORE Columbus had crossed the Atlantic in 1492. His research took him to China, where a major naval expedition had set out as early as the 1420s to explore SE Asia, the Indian subcontinent and possibly as far afield as Africa and beyond… The thesis spawned a best-selling book, and then this TV epic - which perfectly fits our East Meets West season. Whether it can be proven or not, it supports a fundamental adage of all historians - that “a fertile error can be better than a sterile truth”. The cgi of the massed Chinese fleet is a little dated now, but is nevertheless well worth a look!

 Read more Read less Duration: 60 min