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Whispers of Angels: A Story of the Underground Railroad

Whispers of Angels takes its viewers along the very roads traveled by the weary fugitives fleeing the American south, through the historic Delaware communities of Camden, Dover, Odessa, New Castle and Wilmington. 'Conductors' secretly led escaping slaves north over the St. Jones, Christina and Brandywine rivers and across the Mason Dixon Line into Pennsylvania where many traveled onward as far as Canada, where (prior to the passage of the Second Fugitive Slave Law) British law forbade slave catchers and frustrated former owners from chasing and recovering what they considered lost 'property'. This is the true story of the critical Eastern Line of the Underground Railroad and its role in the 19th century anti-slavery movement in America. Dramatic narrative scenes, underscored with specially recorded period music, and interviews with top scholars explore themes of courage and racial cooperation in the years leading up to the Civil War.

 Read more Read less Duration: 50 min