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Access All Areas: National Museum of Computing

Our new strand, Access All Areas, will take you behind the scenes at top historical destinations. "Like many people my age - some of my strongest childhood memories are of the exciting new devices called "computers" that started appearing in our homes. I spent hours learning programming on a BBC Micro, or loading games from a cassette on a friend's Spectrum. So spending an afternoon at the National Museum of Computing, located at the iconic Bletchley Park, was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Of course, their impressive world-beating collection, goes back far further than my youth - right back to the early days of computing. They have a rebuilt Colossus - used to break german codes in WW2 - and the oldest working digital computer - the WITCH. My guide, Kevin Murrell, was part of the team that brought the WITCH back to life, and seeing these marvellous machines in action is a real privilege. Computers now play a huge role in all our lives so come on this tour and see how we got here." Nathan Williams, Director

 Read more Read less Duration: 32 min