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A Tour of The Wings Museum in West Sussex

During the Second World War, West Sussex found itself in the thick of the action. When the Battle of Britain raged in mid-late 1940, many of the most important RAF stations were situated in this quaint, Home Counties region - Tangmere to name perhaps the most famous. Four years later, as D-Day preparations gathered speed, the county also found itself the base for a large part of the Allied invasion force, witnessing countless training exercises and the billeting of numerous soldiers. Few regions in Britain can claim to have had a more active role in the Second World War than West Sussex, shown most clearly through the wealth of World War Two-era objects that have been discovered in the region. In the 1970s, Dan Hunt and his brother made one such discovery when, while playing in a ploughed field, they uncovered a 50-calibre gunsight. This find captured their imagination and from then on they went looking for more objects. Fast forwards over 40 years and Dan and his brother now curate the Wings Museum in West Sussex, an extraordinary collection of World War Two artefacts stretching from flying jackets to the remains of bombers and a Dakota transport aircraft – the latter of which was used during the filming of the TV hit series Band of Brothers. The Wings Museum’s unique collection and style makes it a must-see attraction for any World War Two enthusiast. Snow on the Road is a History Hit TV Original Series, featuring historian Dan Snow as he visits key historical sites across Britain and beyond. From North Wales to the Western Front, join Dan as he discovers more about some of Britain’s greatest historical treasures.

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