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Snow on the Road: North Wales

North Wales is famous for its heroic, mountainous landscape and its abundance of fascinating historical sites. The area that was known as the Kingdom of Gwynedd for almost a millennium is steeped in history: right across the mountainous stronghold of Snowdonia one finds ancient battlements, extraordinary architecture and fascinating examples of how North Wales has contributed to the world. Harlech Castle and Conwy Castle are two such places. Their stark, imposing battlements rise above the rock, having been besieged countless times over the centuries. Portmeirion, one man’s vision for an astonishingly colourful village filled with eccentric architecture, and Porthmadog, steeped in Wales’s maritime history, seem as if they are from another world. The world’s oldest railway winds through the landscape, and one can see the humble birthplace of an extraordinary Prime Minister - and Dan Snow’s great-great-grandfather - David Lloyd George. In this fascinating episode, Dan Snow takes us through some of the wonders of this beautiful part of the UK.

 Read more Read less Duration: 51 min