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Voices of the Victims: Amud Aish Exhibition

The Hasmonean High School in London was opened in 1944 as a refuge for the children of many Jewish families fleeing the Nazi persecution in World War Two. Children escaping Germany on the Kinder Transport were brought to Liverpool Street Station, and relied on the school to enable them to start their new lives. Now a museum, the High School houses many heartrending and astonishing objects collected from the children who depended on it for survival. There are many more lessons to be learned from the Holocaust than simply looking at the evil that occurred. By looking at the victims’ stories – for the sake of their memory and the sacrifices they were forced to make – we can learn from their tolerance, courage and will to survive in even the most horrific circumstances. In an exclusive tour of the museum, Dan Snow hears some of the fascinating stories of the people who saved many Jewish lives – often putting their own lives on the line – and of the children who depended on them.

 Read more Read less Duration: 10 min