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Who Owns History?

In the late 1960s, when many in the UK viewed colour television as tacky, art historian Kenneth Clarke was asked to produce a series all about Western Art. Clarke duly delivered on this assignment, creating the series ‘Civilisation’. At a time when there was a genuine belief that the world stood near the edge of complete Armageddon, the show succeeded in conveying civilisation as exciting and worth celebrating. Now, some fifty years later, David Olusogo, along with co-presenters Simon Schama and Mary Beard, have presented a successor to Kenneth Clarke’s highly-popular original series: ‘Civilisations’.. In this interview David Olusoga sits down with Dan Snow to talk about this series, the meaning of the word civilisation, why the study of it is constantly changing and whether history is owned. Who Owns History? David Olusoga in Conversation with Dan Snow is a History Hit TV Original episode, created in association with the British Museum and presented by Dan Snow. David Olusoga OBE is a Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester. He has presented several documentaries for the BBC and is also an esteemed author.

 Read more Read less Duration: 47 min