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A Prince in the Tower

A Prince in the Tower: The Dungeons

Series 1, Episode 3

A Prince in the Tower: The Dungeons

In this third episode of our four-part audio drama, King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York struggle to determine the fate of Perkin Warbeck. Meanwhile the prisoner remains captive in the Tower of London and spends time in the room where, he claims, he and the young King Edward V were kept all those years before.

Written by Tina Pepler

Directed by Justin Hardy

Elizabeth of York - Charlotte Emmerson

The Prisoner - Iain Glen

The Interrogator and John Moore - Geoffrey McGivern

Thomas Moore - Philip Stevens

Henry VII and Richard III - Darren Strange

Margaret Beaufort - Justine Midder

De Puebla - Natt Tapley

Audio Production - Guy Dagul

 Read more Read less Duration: 31 Min