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~ The Government and the Military in Times of Crisis

The Covid crisis has seen a huge deployment of UK armed forces personnel to assist the civilian government. Named Operation RESCRIPT it has seen soldiers, sailors and aviators fulfil a wide range of tasks. I wanted to get a sense of the different challenges that the forces face when operating on home soil, and whether their conventional training prepares them for these. As I was working on this podcast President Trump announced that he was considering ordering the army into action against protestors in American cities. Suddenly the whole issue of military-civilian relations seemed to be even more important. In this episode I talked first to Lieutenant General Tyrone Urch, the Standing Joint Commander who is in charge of carrying out any military aid to the civil authorities. Then I asked Robert Evans, head of the Army Historical Branch, about the historical context for today, be it disaster relief or law enforcement.

 Read more Read less Duration: 33 min