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Debunking the Myths of the Titanic

At noon on 10 April 1912, crowds gathered at Southampton to watch the maiden voyage of the World's largest ship RMS Titanic. A sleek, modern luxurious liner that was offering a safe and fast crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. Titanic was said to be invincible. She cruised down Southampton waters on her maiden voyage to North America, watched by large crowds. But she would never reach New York. Barely 5 days after leaving Southampton she was gone, swallowed up by the Atlantic after striking an iceberg. The maritime disaster that struck Titanic has made her the most famous ship in history, with many myths emerging about what happened that fateful night on 14/15 April. Dan Snow visits Titanic expert Tim Maltin to sort the fact from the fiction about the ship’s final hours.

 Read more Read less Duration: 26 min