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~ The Antonine Wall

In c.142 AD the Emperor Antoninus Pius ordered the construction of a new wall in Northern Britain. Situated between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde it stretched the neck of modern day central Scotland and was called the Antonine Wall. Although its ‘lifespan’ was relatively short-lived, this wall beyond ‘The Wall’ boasts a remarkable history. Archaeological discoveries continue to reveal more about this monumental structure and its accompanying features. From the terrible ‘lillia’ spike pits the Romans placed in front of the rampart to the Wall’s strong stone foundations. I was delighted to be joined by Andrew Tibbs to learn more about the Antonine Wall and why we must NOT call it the northernmost physical barrier of the Roman Empire. Andrew is the author of 'Beyond the Empire: A Guide to the Roman Remains in Scotland'.

 Read more Read less Duration: 47 min