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~ Refugees, Sexual Violence and the Fall of the Third Reich

In this episode, Dan speaks to award-winning political correspondent and commentator, Svenja O'Donnell, about her remarkable grandmother's personal story of migration, sexual violence and murder during the fall of the Third Reich. Svenja's beautiful, aloof grandmother Inge never spoke about the past. All her family knew was that she had grown up in a city that no longer exists on any map: Königsberg in East Prussia, a footnote in history, a place that almost no one has heard of today. But when Svenja impulsively visited this windswept Baltic city, something unlocks in Inge and, finally, she begins to tell her story. Svenja retraced her grandmother's footsteps all over Europe and uncovered a desperately tragic secret that her grandmother had been keeping for sixty years. This remarkable story highlights the human side of the momentous tectonic shifts we speak about from history. 75 years ago this year millions of people, like Svenja's grandmother, were displaced in Europe, victims of terrible regimes and grueling conflict.

 Read more Read less Duration: 37 min