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The Battle of Britain

An information film produced the US Army Signals Corps about the Battle of Britain. This motion picture film focuses on the British defence against German aerial warfare, August-December, 1940. It emphasises the courage of the people and the skill of the Royal Air Force (RAF.) Reel 1 explains Adolf Hitler's plan for invading England after gaining air superiority. It shows Hitler in Paris and German troops ready for the invasion, Britons setting up defences, training for civilian defence and manning machines. Reel 2 shows invasion defence training; citizens greeting Winston Churchill; and German planes bombing British convoys, coastal fortifications and airfields. RAF pilots man planes and down Germans. An English pilot is rescued in the Channel. In Reel 3, industrial cities are bombed but continue production. In September, the attacks are turned to London, to crush the spirit of the people. Children are sent from the city. Reel 4 consists mostly of activities during air raids. Footage shows damage and air raid shelters, scarred London landmarks, and General Hermann Goring. Reel 5 emphasises the determination of the British people; citizens comment on the raids. English planes bomb a German target. Coventry is flattened in retaliation. Reel 6 records the London bombing on Christmas Eve, causing the largest fire in recorded history. Water is pumped from the Thames.

 Read more Read less Duration: 53 min